We are working to achieve the following

  • Get new tools to cope with everyday life
  • Find peace through nature
  • Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life
  • Find new ways to work with yourself
  • Become more body conscious

For children, young people and adults with e.g.

  • Stress
  • ADHD
  • Social challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Problems with. bullying
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Mental disorders
  • Autism

– and to all who need a higher self-esteem.

5 min. video about Equestrian Therapy from “Videnskabsmagasinet”, DR

Equestrian therapy is practiced by many different professional groups: Psychologists, educators, psychotherapists, occupational therapists, social and health assistants, nurses and physiotherapists, etc.

The different professional approaches co-determine which client groups the equestrian therapists work with, and which issues the individual equestrian therapist can and will go into.

The therapy works with conscious presence, in nature and with nature. Emphasis is placed on the fact that each season has its strength, its “rhythm”, which can be used in the work with horse and client. The horse conveys, through its sensory, bodily communication, a clear contact for the client to his own body, to his own emotional life, his own self-understanding and behavioral mastery. The horse mirrors the human being as it really is. If the client is stressed, burnt out, sad, he will see himself mirrored. As soon as the client, with the help of the equestrian therapist, gets a communication and contract with the horse bodily / sensory, the situation will change. This exchange is healing and insightful. (Source: alternativ-behandling.dk)