We have both Shetland ponies for children up to 17 kg and Icelandic horses for older children and adults. Icelandic horses are larger than the Shetlanders, but are especially child-friendly due to their incredibly friendly and calm disposition.

  • Good activity for the family
    • Both children and adults can learn something together and you as parents or friend are welcome to join the trip and share the experience with the children. Maybe this is the first time they’re experiencing this? Pictures or movies will of course be appreciated to bring home.
    • It is mainly children from 2 years and up who come on lead rein riding with us, but it can also be adults who just want to try sitting on a horseback.
    • A walk in the fresh air of nature gives renewed energy and refreshes the head.
  • Great experience with other children
    • It’s being together in a different way than your children are used to – and that makes it a special experience with you and maybe other children.
    • A good alternative to the screens, where you get to use the whole body.
    • We take min. two children / riders on lead rein riding at a time with one guide. If you only have one child, then maybe there is a friend who would like to join? Otherwise contact us anyway – then we can often combine the trip with others.
    • If you need more than two children / riders on the same trip, you as parents may be able to help pull a quiet and calm horse.
  • Start with lead rein riding
    • Your child learns to ride a horse and get a positive experience of being able to handle the task.
    • A lead rein riding tour is a good way to start if you want to explore riding or dealing with horses. Maybe it will be a healthy and lifelong interest.
Join the grooming and saddle up
  • Be part of the preparations
    • Show up 20 min. before departure and get to know your horse. Be groomed and saddle up and give a carrot.

Contact & booking
If you would like to know more about how we create a good experience for the whole family, you can always call us or write to us by email.
Remember: We ride out in all kinds of weather, so remember to wear suitable clothes 🙂