In general
  • All forms of riding and dealing with the horses are at your own risk.
  • Should any damage occur to you or your equipment, contrary to expectations, you must seek covering from your own insurance.
  • Max. weight for riders is 90kg / 198lb. due to the welfare of the horses.
  • Please bring clothes that suit the weather. Good footwear is important. Sandals are not recommended. We hand out helmets at the location.
IMPORTANT: Select the right level

Be realistic about your own riding abilities and contact us if you are in doubt. If you do NOT choose the right level according to your abilities, you can overload the horse – and we take great care of our horses.
If you have chosen completely wrongly and the trip cannot therefore be completed, you will not get your money back.

Cancellation of rides

In order for the customer to cancel a ride and get full refund (-4 EUR in transaction fee), please contact us min. 24 hours before the time of the ride. If this does not happen, we reserve the right to send an invoice on the full price of the ride and the refund is forfeited.

We reserve the right to cancel trips at short notice for one or more riders if we unexpectedly get injured horses. If the trip is booked together, we will find another day or payment will be canceled.

In general, trips are not canceled due to “bad weather”. Only in case of ice or snow at certain temperatures.